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Buddhist Relief Mission Condemns Sl

Subject: Buddhist Relief Mission Condemns Slorc Interference in Sangha  Matters

Buddhist Relief Mission
Supporting the Buddha Sasana Worldwide
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Ken and Visakha Kawasaki, Directors

Press Release                                     October 1, 1996

    On September 29, 1996, official Myanmar television reported that the
State Law and
Order Restoration Council (SLORC) believes that the National League for
(NLD) is trying to agitate monks in the following ways:
    1)    sending members to monasteries frequently to befriend the monks
    2)    sending its members to be ordained as monks, thereby trying to
divide the loyalty
          of the monks.
It was further announced that laws have recently been passed so as to
prevent the ordination
of NLD members.  The  Central Monks' Committee (Sangha Mahanayaka) was
to  contact all levels of  LORC offices if any NLD member sought ordination. 

    Buddhist Relief Mission declares that these measures constitute a gross
in the time-honored independent nature of the Buddhist monastic order, the
Sangha, and an
outrageous abuse of the rights of Burmese Buddhists.