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Clinto presses Burma.

			Cliton presses Burma

	The United States President, Mr Cliton, raised the issue of human 
rights in Burma yesterday in receiving the credentials of the incoming 
Burmese ambassador to Washington.

	A US official would not say what terms Mr Clinton used, nor would 
he indicate the reaction of the Burmese diplomat, Mr U Tin Winn. But the 
fact that Mr Cliton raised the issue at all was viewd as significant, 
since he did so on an occasion that is usually strictly ceremonial.

	To protest against human rights abuses, Mr Cliton signed a Bill 
last week banning visits to the US by Burma's military leaders or anyone 
benefiting from their rule. Rangoon retaliated last Friday with its own ban.

[AFP,11 October 1996].