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Bhs ends supplies from Burma

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Date: 10/10/96

Bhs ends supplies from Burma, Financial Times 10/10/96

Storehouse, the UK retailing group, said its Bhs subsidiary, has
ceased taking supplies from Burma and has no plans to resume. The
move was hailed by the Burma Action Group as first evidence of
success in its boycott campaign against companies which import
Burmese goods. It said it would now halt action against Bhs, but
would continue its campaign against other importers, notably
Debenhams, part of the Burton Group.

Storehouse, however, denied its move was a response to the
campaign. It said a supplier had a small contract in Burma for
men's casual shirts which had expired. The clothes were made in a
good factory by a workforce paid above the market rate and there
was no use of child or forced labour. Mr Richard Dixon, head of
corporate affairs, said Storehouse had not felt under pressure
from the Burma Action Group, though "we would have to think quite
hard before placing another contract in Burma at the moment."

Peter Montagnon, London