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recent activities

Dear friends, 

Here are a few notes on our recent activities here in Australia:

Demonstration against tourism to Burma: Wednesday 25th of September
The tourism company Adventure Travel, has begun to hold slide nights on
travel to Burma so atthe most recent network meeting we decided to hold a
protest against the first film night. We produced 2000 copies of a leaflet
which explained the reason for our boycott and asked potential tourists not
to visit Burma. We organised to meet outside the offices of the company
where the company was to hold the film night. 

Over 30 people attended including Burmese and Australian students, as well
as membersof the Burmese community. We handed out leaflets to people who
were planning to enter the night nadturned away many people. The manager of
the company came to meet us and agreed to our request to address the film
night. The people at the film were very receptive to ourarguments. We asked
the company to stop holding the film nights and they said they would discus
the matter with us. They wrote us a three page letter explining their
position which we are responding to We will continue our campaign until they
stop. To date three companies have ceaasd (or not begun) Burma film nights
due to our activities. 

Intrepid Travel:
Intrepid Travel is the main organise of travel to Burma and we are building
our strategy to take on Intrepid Travel. We have begun to approach their
potential customers. For example they provded a free prize for one of the
largest environmental organisation the Wilderness Society. Wer have a letter
that will be published in their journal pointing out our opposition to
supporting the company.

We also have a motion hich is being taken to the Australian National Union
of Students which calls on them to build a campaign agaisst Student Travel
Australia who are distributing Intrepid travel material. They are one of the
biggest companies who get tourists to Burma. The fact that they have most of
their offices on campuses rovides the network with an excellent base to
oppose STA as we have clubs/or contacts on most campuses in Australia.

Rally outside the NSW Parliament
The rally and street march held on the 18th of September was very successful
with over 60 people attending. This was the first street march held by
Burmese students, the community and their supporters in Sydney. The rally
handed out over 1500 leaflets about the Burma situation and our demands for
a trade, economic and tourism boycott.

We were mety a state Parliament by the Hon. Ian Cohen MP from the Green
party who pledged to work in Parliament to support our boycott campaign and
to mobilise the Green Party behind the Burma campaign.

The Network is also continuing our activities against Burmas acceptance into
ASEAN following on from out tremendously successful actions in Bangkok in
December 1995. We are continuing our support for our network members and
supporters in over 21 countries and especially for the network group in

We do not generally post information on the net because most of our
activists do not have access to it. Neverthless, we think it helps
international morale if we let people know about our activities.