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A Hunger Strike Continues in New De (r)

Subject:       A Hunger Strike Continues in New Delhi

   India-based Burmese Pro-democracy activists stage 
             54 hrs hunger strike in New Delhi

                                        October 9, 1996

32 Burmese pro-democracy activists who have been
fighting for the cause of restoration of democracy and
human rights in Burma started 54 hrs long hunger strike
at 10 a.m on Oct 9' 1996 and will continue till 4 p.m
on Oct 10' 1996. World-wide hunger strike is being
staged simultaneously in U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan
and India by the pro democracy activists of Burma.

They are undergoing sit-on-hunger strike under the
canopy of make shift tent set up in the Jantar Mantar
Park of Central New Delhi. Out of 32, 4 participants
are women activists. All of them are in high morale and
the prime aims of this hunger strike are to urge
international business company to completely withdraw
their investment from Burma and to impose international
trade and arms embargo on SLORC.

A fighting peacock flag, a Union Flag and scores of
playcards are being displayed around the make shift
tent. The banner says "WORLD WIDE OCTOBER FAST"
political leaders, youth and students leaders of India
came and expressed their solidarity with Burmese
peoples' struggle for the cause of elimination of
despotism and restoration of democracy and human rights
in Burma.

Among the speakers, Ms. Jaya Jaitly, Gen-Sec of Samata
Party and founder member of Friends of Burma, Prof. Bal
Raj of Secretary of Samata Party(Delhi Unit), Dr. Sunil
Lam, Gen-Secy of Yuva Janata Dal and Vice
President(IUSY) and Mr. T.Srinivas(Gen-Sec) of AISF
came to the strike avenue and delivered solidarity

Ko Myat Thu(ABSL)
Information Section
Hunger Strike Committee
New Delhi.