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Memorandum to PM of India (r)

                M E M O R A N D U M


Mr. Deve Gowda
Honorable Prime Minister
Government of India

                                                  October 9, 1996

Respected Mr. Prime Minister,

We are pro-democracy activists from Burma, who are
staging a 54 hrs hunger strike at Jantar Mantar Park,
New Delhi in order to make international awareness on
political crisis in Burma.

As you are aware, the ruling military regime of
Burma(SLORC) is accelerating its repressive measures
against the NLD activists and supporters. Approximately
800 pro democracy activists have been detained in the
past few days. Our leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has not
been allowed to meet her supporters since 10 days ago.

We feel that the military regime is insisting on
gripping the State Power in the manner of Fascist
dictators with the support of the multinational
companies and co-operation extended by some opportunist
countries. In fact, since economic sector in Burma has
been totally monopolized by the military dictators,
foreign investment in Burma, at the moment, do not
bring benefit to the public but help SLORC's power

We appeal to the government of India

1)   to show its exemplary courage by joining
     international actions against the barbarious
     military regime.

2)   to review and reconsider its policy on Burma

3)   not to promote border trade with SLORC, which
     indirectly recognize the illegitimate military

We are very grateful to the Government as well as the
people of India for their constant support towards
Burmese peoples' struggle for the cause of freedom,
justice and peace in Burma.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,


1.   National League for Democracy(NLD)
2.   Arkan League for Democracy(ALD)
3.   All Burma Students League(ABSL)
4.   Chin Students Union(CSU)
5.   All Burma Young Monks Union(ABYMU)
6.   Democratic Students of Burma(DSB)
7.   Women Rights and Welfare Association of
8.   Chin National Council(CNC)
9.   Federation of Trade Unions of Burma
10.  Committee for Non Violence Action in Burma(CNAB)