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Apple's Destination Democracy Web S

Subject: Apple's Destination Democracy Web Site

Dear Burmanet folks:

Apple Computer has put up a web site for "youth" (ages 10-19) that, among
other things, has a major section called "Destination Democracy" (they are
using the US elections as a starting point to talk about democracy
world-wide).  The site has been up awhile (it was actually started by some
kids), and is very well done, mostly by contributions from "youth."  There
is a lot of stuff of interest there, but I think it would be great if the
"youth" of Burmanet or those associated with Burmanet and the Free-Burma
movement, got involved.  They take submissions from youth reporters,
photographs, etc.  There is a chat area where youth can leave messages
discussing democracy etc., and best of all there is a contest for the best
designed/thoughtful web-page by a youth on "If I were a world
leader"--which can be about a current world leader or anyone else.  I think
it would be great if someone did something on Aung San Suu Kyi...  The
deadline for the web contest is Oct. 31.

They are also looking for people to talk with youth in the chat room about
democracy--so some of the high school Free Burma groups should try and get
involved, either in the chats or nominating people to be interviewed.

Here is the URL: <http://www.youthcentral.apple.com>


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