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"feminist get tough maleness"? (r)

Gadzooks! This is not a private line, mon amour?

>From: statusquo@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Nick Jehlen)
>>From: "dawn star (Euro-Burmanet)" <cd@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>dear john and conference burmanet people,
>>about a rather flippant query about the french female sex,
>>sorry for the remark on the main net line, thought it was personal,
>>please excuse the chatter
>>out, and back to work
>> dawn star
>Dear John, dawn star, and everyone else,
>Well, that's the most offensive thing I've seen in email in a long while -
>and that's saying something! I suppose it should serve as a reminder tho -
>not that we need to be careful about what we post to the listserve, but
>that attitudes like that ("preferably very young, and charming and sexy and
>they do not go in for all that feminist get tough maleness, they can exceed
>without it, with their own intelligent feminism") abound in all movements.
>I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I still am. "feminist get tough
>maleness"? Did you mean to say "self-confident, willing to make up their
>own minds"? I guess I should be glad that this got posted on the list-serve
>- at least we'll all remember what pigs we can be when we think no one else
>is listening. Instead of appologizing for posting this on the serve, try
>not talking about women in demeaning and objectifying ways - even in
>Nick Jehlen
>P.S. Please don't take this as a self-righteous letter - I've said some
>pretty offensive and stupid things in my time - but I'm working on changing
>my own sexist ideas - I hope we call can.