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Can I use my Mac now ?

Can I use my Mac now since Apple has pulled out of burma ?
Or should I keep a hammer handy start smashing the Mac when Apple goes back
to do business with the SLORC again ?
(Why not ? Some congressmen did similar thing when Toshiba sold some
sensitive equipment to the Soviet Union some years ago. Well, after Toshiba
lobbied with you know what those Congressmen sold their hammers. The people
who bought those hammers resold them to Pentagon )
Let's be honest. Pepsi,Apple,etc. pulled out of Burma because the amount of
sales generated was not worth the potential negative image.
It has NOTHING to do with human right issuses !
Burma is not important enough on their agenda.
Did any american firms pull out from countries like China,Indonesia,some
American,middle Eastern nations ?
did any city or state government threaten to sanction any company doing
business in those countries ?
But politicians like to grab opportunities to show their "human right
conscience" because it is free advertisement to wine votes from their
Jesse Helemes,who adamantly opposed establishing diplomatic relationship with
Vietnam,put up the biggest smile when hosting the mayor of Hanoi or
Ho-Chi-Ming city when the Vietnamese delagation visited Carolina to
 negotiate  the purchase of tobacco products. (Vietnam hass one of the
biggest tobacco consumptions in Asia)

Where was the POW,human right conscience when he shook hand with the
Vietnamese ?

A few years ago i read about the president (or chancellor) of Harvard
personally went to the airport to welcome the son of Chinese leader Deng
Xioa-ping who came to study at Harvard.

Where was the human right conscience when he shook hand with the junior Deng

Where was the human right conscience when Clinton Admin renewed the MFN
status to China ?
Clinton put up a show by firing some missiles on Iraqi radar sites in the
South while the Kurtish problem was in the North.
It's election year,pal. He needs attention and  more importantly votes .
Massachusetts State government put up a show while some " human right
hailed " yeah,good job,well done. Bravo " (Mass is a Democratic
stronghold,you know that ?)

The point here is  "It is a game of politics".
The point here is Mass State government's action accomplish NOTHING to make
Burma more democratic.

The latest issue of The Economist published an article "doublethink in
Myanmar" ridiculing the SLORC's inexperience in PR   matters . Well, it may
be correct. But is
 the Bristish really concern about democracy and human rights ?
Why the British does not allow IRA to talk in public ?
Why the British criticized U.S. for allowing Jerry Adam entry into the U.S. ?
Where is the British human right conscience when it does not recognize the 5
million H.K. residents as British subjects  (H.K. residents have no right to
seattle permanently in the U.K. ) even though  H.K. has been under British
rule for nearly 100 years.

Pal, it is a game of politics.

Who are the losers in Pepsi,Apple,etc  pull out ? The ordinary Burmese people
They fare no better regardless of which side wins the political game.
They are just the dispensible pawns in the game of political chess.
they are just like helpless children  caught in the middle of a war between
the inflexible  SLORC and the hypocritical Western powers (supposedly on
behalf of the opportunistic NLD. ASSK is just a theoratical sentimentalist) 

Franklin salesperson may have personal reasons to celebrate. I don't.
I have something to MOURN about the pull-out of Apple from Burma.
The continued suffering  of the ordinary Burmese people.


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 Simon, well done, i see phil robertson has a campaign going on as well,
 christopher, paris
 > From: simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxx (Simon Billenness)
 > Subject: Come Celebrate Apple's Withdrawal from Burma!
 > Friday, October 4, 1996
 > We will have special reason to celebrate at our Rally for Burma on Monday,
 > October 7.
 > Page B6 of today's Boston Globe carries the story that Apple Computer has
 > decided to stop doing business in Burma. Apple Computer made this decision
 > to keep the company in compliance with our Massachusetts Burma selective
 > purchsing law!
 > Apple computer is the first company to cite the Massachusetts Burma
 > selective purchasing law as its reason for withdrawing from Burma. We hope
 > many more companies will follow...
 > Come to the Rally for Burma and celebrate!
 > Rally for Burma
 > Boston Common
 > Brewers Fountain
 > (behind the Park Street T station on the Green line)
 > Monday
 > October 7
 > 5.30pm-6.30pm
 > Speakers will include:
 > State Representative Byron Rushing
 > U Win Maung - former Burmese diplomat
 > representatives from Boston College, Harvard and Tufts Burma Action Groups
 > See you there!  Bring champagne!!
 > Simon Billenness
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