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LA Times: U.S. Bars Entry of Regime

Subject: LA Times: U.S. Bars Entry of Regime's Members

Los Angeles Times, October 4, 1996
(World in Brief)   

U.S. Bars Entry of Regimes's Members

The Clinton admisntration turned up pressure on Myanmar's military rulers 
by barring entry into the United States of all members of the regime, 
which is accused of impeding the country's steps toward democracy. 
Announcing the move, White House Press Secretary Mike McCurry said it was 
aimed at "ongoing repression" by the military regime, the State Law and 
Order Restoration Council, in the country formerly known as Burma. Last 
weekend in Yangon, Myanmar's capital, more than 500 democracy advocates 
were arrested for trying to attend a speech by dissident leader Aung San 
Suu Kyi, who won a landslide election victory in 1990 but had been put 
under house arrest the year before and remained so for six years.