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ASEAN to blame for Slorc's clampdow

Subject: ASEAN to blame for Slorc's clampdown

Asahi Evening News
October 4, 1996
(from wire services)

ASEAN gets the blame

Kuala Lumpur -- Malaysia's opposition party Thursday blamed ASEAN leaders
for the recent military clampdown in Yangon and called for a review of the
grouping's "constructive engagement" policy with Myanmar (Burma).

"The unconditional admission of Burma as an ASEAN observer and the promise
of a full membership has been interpreted by Slorc as ASEAN indifference and
even compliance with its anti - democracy crackdown," said Lim Kit Siang,
secretary - general of the Democracy Action Party.

Lim described ASEAN's moves as a "blank- check" for the State Law and Order
Restoration Council (SLORC's) further repressive measures in the future.