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Rep.Rohrabacher's Floor Speech on B

Subject: Rep.Rohrabacher's Floor Speech on Burma (10/03)

Attn: Free Burma Activists
Re: Rep.Rohrabacher's Floor Speech on Burma (10/03)
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                 HON. DANA ROHRABACHER

            in the House of Representatives

                THURSDAY, OCTOBER 3, 1996

 Mr. ROHRABACHER. Mr. Speaker, the Burmese regime is once again 
cracking down on Aung San Suu Kyi and her democratic movement. The 
large scale repression and violence by Burma 's tyrants we have witnessed 
over the past week justifies a tougher approach toward the Rangoon regime.

 I introduced legislation this year to impose economic sanctions on Burma. 
Although that legislation did not become law, the American people are 
becoming more familiar with the tragic situation in Burma . I intend to 
reintroduce similar legislation concerning Burma in the 105th Congress if 
I am reelected.

 Last month, the Burmese regime held a long press conference during which 
various officials criticized Aung San Suu Kyi and the United States. 
Specifically, the urmese criticized the International Republican Institute, 
and its program officer, Mr. Michael Mitchell, for working with the 
democratic forces inside Burma . That kind of criticism is a badge of honor.

 Although the international spotlight rarely shines on Burma , I am watching 
closely what is happening in that tortured land. The escalating reign of terror 
against democracy activists and hilltribe people belies Rangoon callous 
disregard for the infinite value of human life.

Mr. Speaker, the American people stand behind Aung San Suu Kyi and I am proud 
the International Republican Institute is doing what it can to support democracy 
in Burma .

                # # #