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Sagaing Retreat -Reply

My friend VJ, an American Buddhist nun, was trying to send a message
to her friend Steve Smith in Hawaii.   I made a mistake and sent it to the
wrong address.  I apologize for that.

May Kyi Win

>>> <ssanders@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> 07/17/96 11:58am >>>

I'm afraid you have me confused with someone else... My father is fine,
I've never had anything to do with Burma Net.

>From: May Kyi Win <C60MKW1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Dear Steven,
>	I am here visiting May Kyi Win. I'll be here until tomorrow morning. I
>hope all is well with you and your family. I heard your father was
>It's good you have been there for him. I wish you and him all the best.
>	I am planning to return to Burma along with Sayadaw on July
>27th. My intention is to practice at least for the Vassa. I am also
>to come to the retreat you are organizing in Sagaing and I hope it will be
>okay with Sayadaw-Gyi for me to go. I spoke once with him about it and
>he nodded. I plan to speak with him again when the time draws closer.
>	I heard a few days ago that U Mya Thaung has had a relapse.
>Ken Morris was going to go see him Sunday, when I talked to Barbara.
>So I don't know how he is now.
>	The retreat in Oregon was extremely challenging for me and I
>learned a lot (or maybe a little) about how to call on others when I
>needed moral support.
>	I hope you are well. Please give my metta to Chandra and Michele.
>I hope to see you all one day. With metta, Vajiranani.