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Sagaing Retreat (r)

I was sent this letter in reply form as if I had sent it but I didn't!  I
think there must be some mix up with the mail!   My fathers name is Steve
Sanders but his father had been dead for years so hearing that he is unwell
is belated news to say the least!!  His e-mail address is similar but not the
same as the one listed on the returned mail.  He has nothing to do with Burma
Net either and I don't think he knows any Burmese personally except one -

I wish that the person who sent the mail could get it back so that they would
know that their message didn't make it and that there is a problem but it got
sent to me.  I don't know how.  I guess my father's name and similar address
caused the confusion in the mail process.

Sorry, but I didn't send you that message either.

- Edith