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7 July Statement

ABSDF Statement on the historic day of Seven July

 July 7 is the historic day on the page of Burma history on which the 
students bravely pioneered  the 
struggle against the Burmese military dictatorship sacrificing their 
lives for the sake of the people. In 
other words, students as a whole, since this day, have been alerted to 
spearhead against militarism in 
Burma. Today has already been 34th anniversary day when our brothers 
students martyrs sacrificed 
their lives being brutally killed by the military dictators.

Military regime that came in power through military coup from democratic 
government and has been 
ruling the people under fear since March 2, 1962, has always restricted 
and intentionally crackdown 
the every students and their activities that have always stand by the 
people and fought against 
suppression of military dictatorship.

Started on 6 July 1962 there emerged the students protests led by Rangoon 
university students but they 
were forcefully put down by the army. On July 7, over 130 students who 
were demonstrating in the 
students union building in the campus of Rangoon university were 
dynamited and brutally killed by 
the army. The historic students union building were destroyed into 
pieces, at the same time remains of 
the fallen martyrs of students were also scattered on the ground and the 
campus of the Rangoon 
university was also redden with blood. 7 July students accident was 
merely a blood-bath but military 
could not suppress the students' commitment of going on fighting against 
the militarism. Moreover, 
the punishment of arrest, torture and imprisonment can harm only the 
bodies of students but it can not 
crush the spirit of the fighting peacock of revolutionary students.

During the time of struggle for independence the historic role of the 
students who sacrificed in the 
battles were brightened in dignity as well as during the period of 
struggle against military dictatorship 
after 1962  sacrifice of lives, sweat and blood of the brother students 
have been touchstone in Burma 
history. With the spirit born in 7 July, commitment of the students 
during the accident of U 
Thant(1974) and accident of the centenary of Thakhin Kodawhmine 
(1976)were vivid evidence.

Adhering to the commitment of 7 July of the students in generation, today 
students of new generation 
have fought against military regime and the popular uprising of 8.8.88 
emerged. Having actively 
participated the old students of 1962, 1974 and 1976 as well as entire 
people of Burma in this 
uprising, it earned the international intention. It was also able to made 
the people aware widely of 
lack of democracy and human rights under the military regime in Burma. 
Furthermore, commitments 
to fighting against the military dictatorship were firmly developed.

But neo-dictators, the lackeys of those committed the bloodbath of 7 
July, carried out coup detat again 
on September 18, 1988 and followed suit in arrest, torture, killing and 
threat against the people 
including students. In this coup, hundreds of thousands of the students 
and people had to sacrifice 
their lives.

No matter what kind of suppression they faced, we students had to go on 
fighting against military 
dictatorship with clear cut spirit as fighting peacocks were never 
defeated to the enemies with 
unbowed head and upright chest. We today students hand 

in hand with our old brother students have always been going on 
fighting,  bearing in mind the spirit 
of 7 July, against military dictatorship  in several means inclusive of 
underground and arm struggle.

We ABSDF would seriously like to urge  the comrades students in fighting 
for democracy in Burma, 
bearing in mind the spirit of 7 July to rise the fighting peacock flag 
highest disregarding the 
difficulties we encountered toward our victorious goal together with the 
- to retain the honored students history that has been used to sacrifice 
for the people
- to go on fighting against military dictatorship for good that has 
always hindered   	democracy 
and human rights
- to support and surround Daw Aung San Suu Kyi who has been demanding 
political dialogue at all 
time so that national reconciliation can be found that is essential for 
genuine inter peace

* May the spirit of 7 July last
* Militarism must be failed
* Democracy struggle must be successful.

					Central Committee
					ABSDF (Dawn Gwin)
Date:  July 7, 1996