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JULY 04, 1996

On 30.04.96, SLORC No. 514 LIB stationed at Murng Kerng ordered 2 persons from
each village circle to serve in the military. Those who could not or did  not
want to go had to give them 27,000 Kyats each.

On 15.05.96, LIB 514 at Murng Kerng asked their people for 40 Burmese couples
and 40 bachelors, also Burmese nationals, to be sent to Ho Murng to found
village and settle down.

In May, Mya Mong and Khing Sor, leading figures in Pang Ke Tu circle, Murng
Kerng township, joined hands with Burmese soldiers in extorting money from the
people in the area. Every household has been complaining about this.

In April, SLORC troops in Tong Lao, Murng Kerng township, seized a Tolagyi (
mini tractor truck ) that belonged to Loong Ui, but the owner was nowhere to be
found. The Battalion Commander was very angry about this and sent his troops
after Loong Ui with the order to burn the village if they could not catch him
and, accordingly, the troops set fire to the village in which 28 houses, with
all the properties in them, were burnt to ashes.

On 02.06.96, the SLORC Battalion Commander at Murng Kerng called headmen in Ho
Nar circle to buy green-paddy ( which was to be collected in the coming harvest
) for him. Each village circle was forced to sell 800 baskets at 400 Kyats for 8
basket, while the actual price is 1,500 Kyats.

In May, SLORC troops at Wan Li, Hsipaw township, shot dead the village headman
of Wan Li named Pi Sarng Ti. It is said that Pi Sarng Ti was too public-spirited
and sided with the people so much that he had unknowingly antagonized the