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"SHOOT BACK!" with all your talents

Subject: "SHOOT BACK!" with all your talents. EU, USA and Scandinavian NGOs give hands to Danes

	***EU Campaign slogan :  "SHOOT BACK!" with all your talents.*** 

Dear ALL,

	Denmark takes its campaign for sanctions against Burma to European Union 
	President Ireland this week, where it will propose measures including a 
	*trade boycott, *aid cuts and *U.N. action.

	NGOs and Burma support groups from 15 european-union-member-countries 
	are now joining hand in hand with USA campaign group and Scandinavian 
	NGOs who are not the members of the European Union. The campaign for EU 
	trade sanction on Burma is getting its momentum. 

	What shall we do next is to entend the campaign to its fullness, to 
	transcend the political boundaries and geographical boundaries. Please 
	add your support to further steps which could be taken by the Burma support 
	groups around the world.

With metta and solidarity,