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Names, and Tel. Fax. numbers of the (r)

Subject: Names, and Tel. Fax. numbers of the EU : Please wait one more day!

	> To 
	> Simon Billenness <simon_billenness@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
	> And Burmanet lobbying Groups!
	> I will put it on the NET, ASAP I receive them!!!

Dear ALL,

Last night I received 9 page-long list with the names and fax numbers 
of Members of the Europen Parliament MEPs. However, all the fax numbers 
proved to be only the extensions of the EU parliament general number. 
Indeed I am supposed to know but I don't. 
I am now currently looking for the complete set of the Fax numbers.

Please wait one more day. :-)

Indeed, I am learning by doing. Hope you all understand me. I feel like 
an elephant in the glass shop. Anyway, I will come up with the answer ASAP. 

Sincerely yours,