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Statement of National Democratic Front (NDF)'s position on current 
political situation in Burma

1. the mass arrest of members of parliament of the National League for
Democracy (NLD) shows that the Slorc is acting expressly in opposition to
the democratic rights of a legally instituted political party so as to
perpetuates its military dictatorship. We, the National Democratic Front
(NDF), strongly protest and condemn these acts of perfidy. 

2. At the conference of the NLD, held on May 27, 1996, the eminent leader,
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, in her speech to the masses, mentioned that the NLD
leadership is determined to struggle on, a step further, for the removal
of the military dictatorship and the establishment of a democratic system,
yearned for by the people. The NDF's regards this as a pledge to firmly
fulfill the will and defend the interest of the entire people. 

3. It is evident that the refusal to transfer power, up to this day, to
the NLD which won 85% of the seats contested in the May 1900 general
election, the holding of a sham national convention, making its lackey
organization, the so called Union Solidarity and Development Association
(USDA), to demonstrate its support to the 104 principles for a state
constitution laid down by the sham national convention and etc., are
blatant attempts by the Slorc to perpetuate and consolidate the military

4. Representing all the nationalities and the entire people, the NDF has
been struggling for the emergence of a genuine federal union based on
equality and self-determination. This struggle has been going on since the
time of Burma's independence in 1948. 

5. Some resistance organizations of the nationalities, for various
reasons, have to agree to a truce with the Slorc. Though they are desirous
of resolving the political problems by political means, it is clear that
the Slorc is not anxious to show even a pretense of willingness to resolve
political problems through a political dialogue. 

6. The Slorc military clique will never forsake its dictatorial powers and
ill-gotten privileges easily. It will continue to use various strategies
so as to cling on to them forever.  Accordingly, it is vitally necessary
for the pro-democracy forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the
resistance forces of the nationalities to coordinate their struggles. 

7. We, the NDF, seriously call upon the Slorc to release all the members
of parliament arrested since May 20th, and all the political prisoners
arrested previously. 

8. If the Slorc continued to perpetrate the repression, the situation will
deteriorate into a more dangerous state and, if so the Slorc will be held
entirely responsible for it. 

9. We, the NLD, earnestly call upon the governments, the NGOs and the
democratic forces of the world to strongly condemn the Slorc for its
unjust acts, including the arrest of members of parliament from the NLD,
and apply pressure on the Slorc by effective means so that the democratic
system will be established sooner, in Burma. 

10. W, the NDF, call upon officers and troops of the Burma Army to
remember that the army was born of the people and its primary duties are
to protect the lives and interest of the people. Now is the time for them
to boldly stand up and stoutly act in defense of the interest of the
people and their very lives. 

Central Committee National Democratic Front Date, 30, May 96

Press statement of the FDL-AP on the Slorc's recent political crackdown
against Burmese democratic leaders May 29, 1996

The Forum of Democratic Leaders in the Asia-Pacific (FDL-AP) expresses our
deepest concern over the State Law and Order Restoration Council's (Slorc)
recent action to detain of 256 National League for Democracy (NLD) members
who planned to attend a three-day all-party congress. The May congress was
6th anniversary of the overwhelming victory of NLD in the 1990 general

Although Madam Aung San Suu Kyi has continuously demanded the Slorc to
enter into a dialogue with the NLD and implement necessary measures to
restore democracy in Burma, there is little sign that the Slorc will stop
the current crackdown aimed at the Burmese democratic forces. Therefore,
FDL-AP strongly calls for all democratic leaders, civil rights groups, and
government leaders to take firm and resolute measure against the Slorc. We
also demand the Burma military regime to cease its oppression of
democratic forces and fully guarantee he political freedoms of all Burmese
citizens including Aung San Suu Kyi. 

We fully support Dr. Sein Win, Prime Minister of NCGUB who urged, in a
previous resolution, the United States to place an economic embargo on
Burma which could pressure the Slorc into a dialogue with Burmese
democratic forces. We also urge the South Korean government to build a
more constructive relationship with Burma in long run through supporting
the democratic movement in Burma. 

FDL-AP calls for all civil or human rights NGOs committed to the promotion
of democracy in the Asia- Pacific and Korea to send their support and
encouragement to Burmese democratic forces including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
The FDL-AP is also planning to launch a signature campaign to demand the
Slorc to release arrested NLD members.