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the "Burma Star Association" (UK-'c

Subject: the "Burma Star Association" (UK-'charity' ??)

Information about fund-raising event on
behalf of British WW2 veterans, involving a sponsored cycle ride, (by
British policemen), in Burma during November 1996.

Full text of poster follows ...

concerns are :-

a/ the organising of it will involve SLORC's mainstream tourism
authorities - back-handers, etc. to the regime

b/ there are Burmese (especially Karen) veterans still around who've
never had a penny (kyat or baht) for their loyal service in the same
military cause, in the paid service of the same army

c/ such activities are pretty backward-looking, with little thought on
what happened next in the countries and peoples that were being fought

d/ the expedition could get unstuck badly in Burma, in the same way as
another big cycle trip did, not long ago

appended is the poster ...

============= cut here =============


Four Metropolitan Police Officers :- Sgt Dave Burgum, DC Bob Panton, DC
Duncan Ball, Sgt Steve Kershaw
Are attempting to raise 30,000 pounds to purchase ten electric
wheelchairs for Burma Star Veterans who have become infirm.  (All Burma
Star Veterans served in the Far East during the Second World War).

The Patron of the 'Road to Mandalay Appeal' is Sir Paul Condon QPM.

The 30,000 pounds is being raised by a variety of fund-raising events
including a half-marathon in Hyde Park, a sponsored cycle ride along the
Mandalay Road in Burma during November 1996, various social events, the
sale of pens, badges and pendants and by collections in many locations.

Please give generously to help us help the Burma Star Association.

For further details and the sale of the pens, badges and pendants,
contact Phil Crawley at the BSA HQ - 0171 823 4273
4, Lower Belgrave St., London SW1W 0LA
Registered Charity No: 1043040

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