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AP-Dow Jones: Burma Govt Releases 6

Subject: AP-Dow Jones: Burma Govt Releases 60 Detainees

Burma Govt Releases 60 Detainees; Opposition Confirms
   RANGOON (AP-Dow Jones)--The military regime Friday released at least 60 of
the 262 detainees rounded up in a failed bid to prevent pro-democracy leader
Aung San Suu Kyi from holding a party congress. 
   The opposition reported that 59 of those freed Friday came from the ranks of
238 conference delegates detained in the past week. The other freed detainee,
plus three others released earlier, were ordinary supporters of Suu Kyi's
National League for Democracy. 
   Government radio announced that those detained as so-called 'guests of the
government' were being freed. It was unclear if all would be released. 
   The releases came hours after the U.S. announced plans to send an envoy to
Burma to seek the release of the activists. The envoy was also to travel to
nearby countries to coordinate a response to the crackdown. 
   The opposition predicted earlied Friday that those activists the regime
considers a particular threat won't be freed. Some have already been sent to
Insein Prison near Rangoon, notorious for torture, and face national security
charges that allow indefinite detention. 
   Those freed reported no ill-treatment, the opposition said. 
   (END) AP-DOW JONES NEWS 31-05-96