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Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 11:45:29 +0000
Subject: IUSY & ABSL ( News and Views)
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|||News and Views --->   
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"Release all political prisoners, start dialogue" :

ABSL(HQs) 30 May 96 :  The International Union of
Socialist Youth (IUSY) had issued a press release
in connection with the recent political development
in Burma calling the SLORC regime to release all
the political prisoners and begin a dialogue with
Aung San Suu Kyi. Here, the original text of IUSY's
press-release on Burma is given for the general
interests of BurmaNet co-readers. The IUSY :

-    condemns the SLORC for arresting 216 pro-
     democracy activists. 
-    calls upon the Government of India to
     intervene peacefully in this matter and
     pressurize the SLORC to release not only
     recently arrested activists but also all
     political prisoners and start dialogue with
     Aung San Suu Kyi.
-    is in view that it is the moral duty of Indian
     Government to make ensure that democracy
     flourishes in her neighbouring country, Burma.
     In a situation when all the political parties
     of India have already expressed solidarity
     with the restoration of democracy in Burma,
     the Government of India should take tough
     stand on this issue.

     The IUSY has set its eyes on the every-minute
political development in Burma and launched global
awareness campaigns in favour of democratization in
the country since before the All Burma Students
League was included as a member organization. 
"Burma issue would be discussed in length in the
forthcoming IUSY Festival to be held in Bonn 22nd-
28th July this year with the theme of `THE POWER OF
SOLIDARITY'. All the youth of the world over
understand what is actually going in Burma. It is
our duty to tame this illegitimate military junta
in Burma to respect its own people. So we will act
accordingly " said  Dr. Sunilam, the IUSY vice
president and President of Yuva Janata Dal (Youth
Wing of Janata Dal party), before leaving for
Prague IUSY Ex-Co preliminary meeting for Youth
Festival last evening. In India, the United Front
is in que to swear in as a new government in the
coming days as the BJP government resigned on 28
May. It is learnt that the Janata Dal party is in
position to play the leading role in the UF
government. The IUSY is hopeful that it can apprise
the coming government with its political survey on
Burma to take specific action against the SLORC.

     According to the officials of IUSY, they set a
political agenda for Burma, called `Two-Point
Political Programme'. The IUSY is going to urge its
member organizations the world over to pressurize
their respective governments to impose an arms and
economic embargo against the military junta of
Burma and to support the people of Burma for
democracy and human rights by observing the 8th
August 1996, which is coincident with the 8th
anniversary of 8.8.88 mass upheaval, as `the

     In the ABSL's headquarters, the discussion on
sending a delegation to the IUSY Youth Festival is
going on. According to Ko Soe Myint, the
Coordinator of IUSY and SYCB (Student and Youth
Congress of Burma), the League has been exploring
the financial resource to make this political trip
to Bonn successful. The fraternal organizations and
supporters are requested to make contribution to
the League for this mission.

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