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Rally for SLORC.

	Under Orders, Thousands Rally to Burma's Generals

Burma's military regime is forcing thousands of people to attend rallies 
in an attempt to answer the growing campaign of the democracy leader, 
Aung San Suu Kyi.

Rallies have been staged in Rangoon over the past two days to attack Ms 
Suu Kyi and defend the record and legitimacy of the ruling State Law and 
Order Restoration Council.

Officials have been ordering city residents to attend, providing banners 
with slogans and even telling the crowds hwen to chant and raise their fists.

At one rally this morning - where foreign journalists were refused entry 
- demonstrators said neighborhood committees had ordered every household 
to send three members.

State television has been carrying extensive coverage of the meetings - 
with grossly exagerated crowd estimates - and speeches accusing the 
democracy movement of undermining national stability and of being 
manipulated by foreigners.

Diplomats see the rallies as a direct response to this week's congress of 
Ms Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy, at which she outlined plans 
to intensify her campaign to force a return to civilian rule.

[The Age, 30 May 96]