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Dutch honorary conscul got really d

Subject: Dutch honorary conscul got really disappointed

Dutch honorary consul says: "Is there really so much stress in Burma?"

AMSTERDAM - The Dutch honorary consul, paper trader mr H. Stevens sounded
dissapointed at the latest cooling of the relations between The Netherlands
and Burma. "Why? I had good contacts, and now nobody wants to deal with me,"
the consul, a known staunch defender of Burma's present government said by
telephone yesterday. "Holland is going to miss the boat."

The Dutch consul for Myanmar has made several public appearances in The
Netherlands. In January '96 mr Stevens appeared in a discussion at the
Rotterdam Filmfestival, before a forum with a journalist from the Democratic
Voice of Burma, Burmese actor U Aung Ko and two members of two European
Burma groups. "These people never have been to Burma," mr Stevens was heard
complaining. "That is what I allways tell people to do: go to Burma and see
for themselves."
Dissapointed at the lack of Dutch interested business people at the latest
trade fair in Burma, mr Stevens by phone remarked that more and more Dutch
people were stepping aside when the subject of the conversation was Burma.
"Is there really so much poverty in the country? I have never seen it."
The arrests of more than 250 NLD-members have cooled the relations between
Dutch Government. On Monday 27th - not a usual working day in Holland - the
Foreign Ministry published a statement, stronlgy disapproving of the arrest.

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