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Slorc defends Brookes

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SLORC spokesman defends Brookes on soc.culture.burma

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Subject: Is Imposing Ones Values & Concepts on Others -
Date: 23 May 1996 07:25:55 -0400 
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Is Imposing Ones Values & Concepts On Others - Democratic.
I have been going Through some of the articles in the internet
regarding ASIAN countries and Myanmar also came to my
interest  because my frequent travels in the region made me
realize that something is not right or in another words
something is very wrong  regarding Myanmar.

When I read Mr. Stephen Brookes' article on Myanmar and his
candid comment an NLD and her leadership I cannot but
admire him  for his sincerity and straight forwardness which is
rare characteristic  in today's media world. I also knew that he
would be attacked and into giving up his belief intimidated by
those extremist who refuses the facts because it goes against
their interest. Well, My prediction came true and I now read in
the internet articles branding Mr. Brookes with various names.
To be on the more objective side, who are these guys and what
right do they have to impose their beliefs and concepts on other
people. The sincere, straight forward and unbiased people have
the every right to say white when they see white, brown when
they see brown not something that will satisfy the extremists.

The ed communication systems at work nothing can be kept in
the dark for long. In addition to that Myanmar has opened it
doors to the  outside world and the people who go in to visit the
country are not illiterates. They can judge the situation  by
themselves without anybody's so called assistance or

My colleagues and I now come to realize that the dyke which
prevents facts from reaching the outside world has now
beginning to show cracks and in a short period of time it will be
broken beyond repair. No wonder the extremists are
undermining the Visit Myanmar Year 1996, with all out
strength.  Maybe they may still say that all the thousands of
tourist which visited Myanmar during the visit Myanmar year
were misled by the Myanmar Government.

In my conclusion I would also like to humbly present my views
on the usage of the internet. I believe it should be used for the
exchange of information which is beneficial to all users.  But
regretfully, this system today is being used as a political
platform where are user attacks the other. Worst of all, all other
users who have  installed the system to exchange information of
class have to also take  the trash. 

Paul J. Williamsons (Hong Kong)