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ABSDO: Protest slams Burma.

			Protest slams Burma

In Melbourne, Burmese Students went on a march through the city streets 
yesterday demanding sanctions be imposed on the military regime in their 

The students chanted "Democracy for Burma" as they stormed to the steps 
of Parliament as part of a national day of protest.

They called on international leaders to impose trade sanctions and a 
world-wide arms embargo on Burma.

They attacked the military-backed State Law and Order Restoration Council 
(SLORC) which clings to power in Burma despite widespread dissent.

The All Burma Students' Democratic Organization (ABSDO) in Australia has 
written to Australian Prime Minister John Howard asking for support, 
including "discouraging trade" and closing the Austrade office in Rangoon.


In Canberra, more than 100 protester called on the Federal Government to 
impose trade and economic sanctions on Burma.

In a rally outside the Burmese Embassy, the protesters said Australia 
should take the lead by lobbying other countries to also impose sanctions.

One man was taken into police custody during the protest.

Meanwhile, in Rangoon the military rulers denounced pro-democracy leader 
Aung San Suu Kyi and her followers as "dupes" and "maggots" after she 
defiantly opened an opposition congress despite the arrest of hundreds of 

The opposition claimed an unknown number of the 262 people 
detained last week have been transferred to the notorious Insein Prison.

(Herald Sun, 28.05.96)

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