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CNN 5/27

Burma detains democracy supporters

              RANGOON, Burma (CNN) -- Pro-democracy leader Aung San
              Suu Kyi was worried Monday about the fate of supporters
              imprisoned by the military government. She said her
              assistant was being held at a prison notorious for torture.

              At least 262 other members of Suu Kyi's National League
              for Democracy have been arrested, she said. Most of them
              were delegates to the opposition congress held by the
              1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner over the weekend.

              Many of those arrested are believed to be held in the
              Insein prison, where inhumane treatment is reportedly

              Suu Kyi called the conference to unite surviving opposition candidates who won
              392 of 486 seats in parliamentary elections May 27, 1990. The military regime
              never honored the election results; many of the winners have been killed, jailed or
              driven into exile.