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Mad cows disease obstructs EU-state

Subject: Mad cows disease obstructs EU-statement

Burma Centre Netherlands News

Mad British Veto over European Statement

AMSTERDAM - The British government has veto-ed the EU-statement on current 
events in Burma. This was just confirmed by the Italian Embassy in The 
Hague. "The statement has been signed on last Friday by all member-states, 
except for Great Britain," a spokeswoman said on Monday morning. "The 
British are blocking almost everything these days because of their anger 
about the EU's import-ban on British Beef."
Contrary to statements from Dutch government officials over the weekend, the 
blocked statement was not published last Friday in Rome. The European Union 
has therefor not commented on the crisis in Burma. Great Britain has come 
with its own statement, followed by Germany and Denmark. Untill now, the 
Dutch goverment has referred to the EU-statement.


This news-item replaces the two earlier one by the BCN on the EU-statement. 
We will keep you as updated as possible.

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