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Peter Hadfield on the Pilger docume (r)

Subject: Re: Peter Hadfield on the Pilger documentary and NHK from Mainichi Daily

I could not understand the NHK stances on a lots of Burmese Democracy
issues for quite a long time. They manipulated a lot news in favoring the
military in Burma. In fact, they wanted to run a permanent office in
Rangoon, so that they believe they can attract more Japanese audience
including the businessmen. 
Can someone explain me how a Burmese cameraman can protect copyrights for
his highly risky work under Burma's laws. Why the secondary source like NHK
must have all the rights to respect even after their first documentary was
shown 8 years ago? Is that how the money works against human rights? I hope
NHK to get broader minded soon. 

PS: If you would like to see that footage as NHK first documented in
Japanese, please contact me. I promise that I will never erase it form my