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ABSDO (Australia)'s Statement on si

Subject: ABSDO (Australia)'s Statement on sixth anniversary of 1990 elections.


	Today marks the sixth anniversary of the nationwide general 
election held on May 27, 1990. The Burmese population has clearly 
expressed their overwhelming support to NLD in the struggle for democracy 
in Burma.

	On September 18, 1988, the present ruling military junta in 
Rangoon, Burma, self-claimed as the State Law and Order Restoration 
Council (SLORC) seized the power of the country by armed might, that 
resulted in the death of many thousands including a large number of 
students and the clergy.

	On May 27, 1990, the SLORC held multi-party elections and pledged 
the people and the global community to hand over power to the elected 
representatives of the people. People voted for NLD (392 out of 485 
seats) against the military ruling body during the elections. However, 
the SLORC refused to accept the election results and back-tracked on due 
process for power transfer to the elected representatives.

	Despite the obvious fact that the SLORC is only and illegal 
ruling military in Burma, many countries like the ASEAN, Japan and some 
western countries are heavily investing in Burma for their self-centered 
interests only. They have ignored the prevailing plight of the 43 million 
Burmese presently in bondage under the SLORC. Thus, co-operation with 
Burma under the SLORC, in any form and guise, certainly augurs ill for 
the country and our democratic cause.

	With an ultimate aim of unshackling the people from SLORCs 
perpetual enslavement, we, in solidarity with our colleagues in the 
United States, Canada, India, Thailand and elsewhere, are striving our 
best to restore democracy and human rights in our country and firmly 
support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD members, in their endeavours to 
wrest Burma out of the military yoke and establish national 
reconciliation that will lead to internal peace in the country.

	Hence, we solemnly urge, the international community and other 
countries with vested interests in Burma, the following:

1.	To impose international trade sanctions and world-wide arms 
	embargo on Burma.

2.	To affect immediate and unconditional release of all political 
	detainees including students, clergy and more than 261 political 
	dissidents recently held in Burma and

3.	To exercise effective measure and adequate pressures on the SLORC 
	to honour the May 27, 1990 election results and empower the elected 
	representatives of the people, in order that they may affect 
	political reforms in Burma.

Central Committee
All Burma Students Democratic Organization (Australia)