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Letter to Australian Prime Minister (r)

Subject: Letter to Australian Prime Minister.


The Hon. John Howard, MP				Central Committee 
Prime Minister						PO Box 4010
Parliament House					Auburn South
Canberra 2600						Vic 3122
Fax: (06)  273 4100					
							27 May 1996

Dear Prime Minister,

 The All Burma Students Democratic Organisation (ABSDO) in Australia 
welcomes the decision of  your government to award Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 
(1991 Nobel Peace Laureate) the Companion Order of Australia. This is an  
important  acknowledgement of the Democratic Oppositions struggle against 
the SLORC. We thank you for your governments firm denunciation of the 
SLORCs current crackdown and we hope that this move is a sign of 
initiating a more forceful policy on this illegitimate regime.  

We look to your government to provide further appropriate action to make 
it clear to the SLORC that their oppression is not acceptable to the 
international community. We urge  that your government consider 
incremental action against the SLORC as a response to their persecution 
of the democratic movement. We would like to suggest that you begin with 
closing down the AusTrade office in Rangoon and  change the current 
Australian policy to one of discouraging trade, as the current policy is 
ineffectual in encouraging  or informing Australian business about the 
corrupt and oppressive nature of  SLORC. 

This is a crucial time in Burma and the situation is very different 
from1988. We have friends in the international community and the worlds 
attention focused  on Burma now. We request that you do your utmost to 
help legitimise the elected representatives of the people of Burma and 
design policies  to remove the illegal junta. We would like Australia to 
be more vocal in criticising SLORC and pushing for  reforms in our 

Thank you for your support to the democracy movement  of Burma.

Central Committee
All Burma Students Democratic Organisation.