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European Unioon to send Demarche to (r)

Subject: European Unioon to send Demarche to SLORC, part 2

European Union to send Demarch=E9 to SLORC, part 2

Burma Centrum Netherlands news

AMSTERDAM - The European Union is asking SLORC to let the NLD-congress to
have its planned coarse. Also, the EU asks SLORC to release the NLD-members
to be released. According to a spokesperson of the Dutch ministry of Foreign
Affairs the message will be delivered by the representative in Rangoon - the
Italian Ambassador.

This statement from the Dutch Foreign Ministry counters their earlier
statement, that the EU will call for the recognition of the election results
of 1990.
The Dutch government will not unilateraly condemn the arrest, the
spokesperson said.

The full text of the EU-statement was said to have been published
Friday-afternoon in Rome. Its full text will be shared as soon as possible.

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