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European Unioon to send Demarche to (r)

Subject: Re: European Unioon to send Demarche to SLORC

If this is true, this is very disappointing on the part of the french, as 
they adopt european parlimentary tactics here but when exploiting the 
Burmese resources, TOTAL is a uniquely French business affair, and not a 
european consortium. Total is as guilty as slorc in Burma, not the 
European Union! What utter hypocrisy. We are now preparing to contact 
the French responsables. Dawn Star

gijsh@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> From: Gijs Hillenius <gijsh@xxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: European Union to send Demarche to SLORC
> European Union to send Demarch=E9 to SLORC
> Burma Centrum Netherlands news
> AMSTERDAM - The European Union will send its representative in Burma to
> protest at the current wave of arrests. This is claimed by the Dutch
> ministery of Foreign Affairs. "The French Ambassador will read out a strong
> statement from the European Union," stated the high-official by telephone.
> "The text has been finalised.
> The spokesperson could not provide the full text of the statement: "It has
> to be read first." However, one remark hints that the EU has become
> inpatient with the current "Critical Dialogue". The spokesperson said the EU
> will call for the recognition of the election results of 1990. If it is
> true, this is news. The EU has sofar asked for progress on the National
> Convention, and has not yet pointed to the 1990 election results.
> Listen to this:
> http://sunsite.unc.edu/freeburma/assk/beijing-ra.zip
> find all instructions at:
> http://sunsite.unc.edu/freeburma/assk/beijing.html