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S.H.A.N : SURA urged SLORC for poli

Subject: S.H.A.N : SURA urged SLORC for political settlement

S.H.A.N : SURA urged SLORC for political settlement
May 24,1996

In a letter to General Than Shwe, dated 27.04.96, leader of the Shan United
Revolutionary Army ( SURA ), Major Yod Serk urged the SLORC's leadership to
abandon its total elimination and suppression policies in resolving the ethnic
conflict and opt for a comprehensive in the Shan State and political settlement
in Burma.

SURA, which spearheaded the unity of the Shan resistance movements was headed by
the late General Kornzurng in 1985. He was able to unify the SSA, SUA  and SURA
to form the MTA which lasted for a decade before its disintegration.

After the surrender of the MTA and Khun Sa to the SLORC early this year, the
former SURA troops refused to surrender and put up stiff resistance against the
invading SLORC forces. SURA is now led by Major Yod Serk, a charismatic young
leader of a new generation. He made a name for himself during the MTA military
campaign against the SLORC in Murng Jyawt area in 1993 and rose rapidly among
the Shan Nationlists.

The letter further stated that the forced relocation of the villages, burning,
property confistication and raping will only prolong the conflict. The
continuation of the conflict in Shan State and other non - Burman ethnic areas
only indicates the bankruptcy of the SLORC's total elimination policy. The
letter goes on to point out that so long as there is suppresion, the resistance
will also continue.

Copies were made available to the NLD,the SNLD, the Eastern command, the
Northern command and all the Resistance movements in general.