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Joint statesment form India

India based Burmese activists have planned to hold a press conference 
tomorrow (25.5.96) at press club in New Delhi. The folllowing joint 
statesment has been prepared to hand out at the press conference.
The Detailed report will be dispatched immediately after the press 
The Joint Statement regarding the SLORCs recent crackdown on 
NLD MPs and Supporters
                                           Date.: 25 May 1996.
1. The military rulers of Burma has recently arrested and detained 
over 220 MPs and supporters of  NLD, preventing them from 
attending the party conference scheduled to hold on 26-28 May, 
1996 at the residence of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
2. This arbitrary arrests clearly reveal the regimes attempt to 
impose restrictive measures on a legally founded political party 
in order to bar its freedom and to prolong the military 
machinery of the rulers.
3. Forth coming 27th May, 1996 marks the sixth anniversary of the 
multi-party general elections in which NLD won a landslide 
victory. It is well known to all that SLORC failed to keep its 
words for numerous times and neglected to hand over the power 
to the winning party in spite of several appeals and demands 
from both the Burmese opposition groups as well as international 
communities and bodies.
4. A constant observer of Burmese situation can easily see that the 
recent crackdown of  SLORC upon peoples elected Mps is 
another preventing and barbaric step of military junta to bring 
democracy in Burma and dissuade the Burmese people and entire 
international community as well.
5. In stead of entering a face to face tripartite dialogue offered by 
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi led democratic forces and ethnic leaders, 
the SLORC has ignored and keep on implementing all measures 
and tactics which prevents from the way to restoration of multi 
party democracy and national reconciliation.
6. We, the pro-democracy activists based in India unitedly condemn 
the such illegal, unlawful and irresponsible steps of the SLORC. 
Its recent crackdown on NLD MPs and activists is totally 
contradictory to democracy and human rights.
7. As such we urge the entire nations in general and India, the 
largest democratic country of the world in particular, to 
denounce the unlawful steps of  SLORC and stop all sorts of 
their economical and diplomatic ties with the military junta 
which has very obstinately turn its deaf ear towards any appeal, 
request and demands of  Burmese people and international 
community as well.
8. At the same time, we strongly support Daw Aung San Suu Kyi 
endeavouring to assemble the elected representatives of NLD to 
chalk out the ways and means for the restoration of multi-party 
democratic system and genuine peace in Burma.
9. Once again, to this statement, we jointly appeal to peace, 
freedom and justice loving people of the world to come forward 
and extend their effective and practical supports for the cause of  
the restoration of democracy and basic human rights in Burma.
10.  We firmly demand the SLORC  :
     - for the immediate and unconditional release of the detained MPs
       and supporters of NLD as well as all political prisoners .
     - for its non-interference into the legal and political rights of 
       NLD, the winning party of the 1990 general elections. 
NLD/LA (Western Sector)                 DSB
ABYMU                                   WRWAB
FTUB (West Burma)                       CSU
ABSL                                    SDB
ABSDF                                   ABDLWO