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>From Dawn Star, Paris,
Just got off the phone with Total spokesman, no statement from Total on 
events in Burma, evidently no statement either from French Quai D'Orsay 
Foreign Office, or Prime Minister Juppé or President Chirac. Silence 
only, wait and see attitude however Total did cite European Parliament 
"hand's up" vote yesterday "demanding immediate release of all prisoners 
of conscience". Interpret that as you like, but very quiet here!

Did anybody pick up any response on European Union or see this in the 
press? Thank you for posting it if you do. DS

>     BONN, May 23[INTELASIA] - Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi
> urged the European Union on Thursday to protest against the military
> government's detention of democracy activists and urged tourists to boycott
> her country.
>     ``Germany is part of the European Union and we would like the EU to take
> a strong stand against the persecution of the forces for democracy,'' the
> 1991 Nobel Peace Prize winner told Germany's Deutsche Welle radio by
> telephone from Rangoon.
>     The international community should take a joint stand and declare Burma
> would receive no more investment or aid if it persisted, she said.
>     Scores of activists have been detained ahead of a planned weekend
> congress of the National League for Democracy, which she heads. The United
> States, Japan, Britain, Australia and Thailand have all expressed concern at
> the crackdown.
>     Germans should ``put pressure on their government to take necessary
> action, and for individuals to keep away from coming to Burma during Visit
> Myanmar Year,'' Suu Kyi said, using the official name for Burma.
>     Tourists should come ``when Burma is a democracy. They will have much
> more fun that way,'' she added.