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Demonstration in Australia.

			Demonstration in Australia
	The Burmese students from All Burma Students' Democratic 
Organization (Australia), Burmese communities, Burmese Support Groups, 
National Union of Australian Students and Amnesty International (Australia) 
held a demonstration in front of the Parliament House (NSW) at 6:00 pm 
on 23rd May 1996.

	The demonstration calls for the release of all NLD members, 
politicians and students under arrest by Burma's military junta since 
1988 pro-democracy. The demostrators also calls for boycott Visit Myanmar 
Year 1996 and economic sanction on Burma.

	One of the parliament members of NSW condemns the Burma's military 
regime for the arrest of NLD members recently in Rangoon and the 
vice-chairperson of ABSDO, Ko Maung Maung Than, said the demonstrators 
and media that the struggle for democracy and human rights in Burma would 
be strongly continued by all Burmese people and international supporters.

	ABSDO strongly condemns the Burma's military junta for the recent 
arrest of NLD members who were attending to the three-day congress of National 
League for Democracy. ABSDO warmly welcome the congress of the NLD party 
on Sunday towards Democracy in Burma and award of Australia's highest 
honor by the Australian Government to Ms Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace 
Prize winner and pro-democracy leader in Burma.