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Australian Award

The government of our coutnry has made Daw Aung San Suu Kyi an 
honarary Companion of the Order of Australia, in recognition of her 
stand for democratic and human rights, courage and fortitude in the 
face of great enmity from an illegal government. She needs our 
particular thoughts and  prayers at this time as the arrests of 
members of the NLD and their wives continues. It seems highly likely 
that  she could well be next - unless it has seeped into the brains 
of those very stupid generals in SLORC that to arrrest her once again 
would set the whole world against them even more strongly. And it is 
to be hoped that this Australian award will also send a message to 
those countries set on "constructive engagement" that there are still 
countries who value integrity above the dollar.

John-Paul ABSDF Darwin NT Australia
Paul Webb NT University Darwin