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ASSK's 51st birthday.

>From U Kyaw Win

Dear Friends:

Apologies to you all.  ASSK's birthday was indeed 19 June 1945 (Tuesday).  I
stand corrected.  I got confused because for two successive years National
Public Radio's Morning Edition (Bob Edwards) started the day mentioning her
birthday on 18 June probably to stay in sync with 19 June in Rangoon.
 Whatever may have been the reason, please do urge NPR to again mention her
birthday and for its All Things Considered to follow up with a piece that
same day.  18 or 19 June?  Whatever.  Thanks for a number of you who
corrected me.  

National Public Radio's Morning Edition (Bob Edwards) is Morning@xxxxxxxx
 Its All Things Considered is ATC@xxxxxxxx

U Kyaw Win