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Statement of KNU

Statement on current developments in the Union of Burma

With regard to the arrest of 115 more leaders of the NLD (National League
for Democracy) beginning on 20th May, 1996, and news concerning the
blowing-up of a Rangoon-Mandalay train on 21st May, 1996, near Kanyut
Kwin, the KNU has issued a statement as follows: 

1. At a time when the situation urgently requires all the political forces
involved in the affairs of the Union of Burma to resolve the basic
political problems by political means through free and frank dialogue, the
arrest of NLD leaders by the Slorc, instead of engaging them in dialogue,
is a negative development. This has raised the tension in the country and
can lead to an uncontrollable situation. In order to prevent the situation
deteriorating, it is necessary that the Slorc: 

a. released, unconditionally, the political leaders arrested recently and
all political prisoners detained previously; b. refrain from any further
arrests of political leaders; c. end he harassment of political parties
and lift restrictions on their basic freedoms and activities; d. eet with
the NLD for dialogue at the earliest possible time. 

2. The KNU was in no way connected with the blowing of a Rangoon-Mandalay
train near Kanyut Kwin as the KNU has stopped all military activities in
Slorc-controlled areas since the commencement of dialogue with the Slorc.
Allegations by the Slorc concerning KNU responsibility for the blowing-up
of train are completely unfounded. 

Karen national Union 23rd May, 1996