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As the eyes and ears of the world are drawn to University Avenue in =
Rangoon, may these words inspire and comfort in a time of anxiety and =


Wrightson S. Tongue, Jr.

Have you seen the Heart of Burma
as she waits in her house by the shore?
She is paying for the naming 
of the ones who make the war.
Did they think we'd forget all about her
if they locked her away by the lake?
Did they know the Heart of Burma
is not something they can break?

Have you heard the Heart of Burma
beating stronger that anyone thought
when they asked if she would lead them
to the land her father sought?
Now the millions who live by her courage,
dispite exile or prison or fear,
they've become the Heart of Burma
for the one they all hold dear.

Did you know the Heart of Burma
is still waiting for you to decide
that too many ones have suffered
and too many ones have died?
Though tonight she is far from you city,
there is no place too far from the prayer
that we'll hear the heart of Burma
beating freely... everywhere!

 =A9 1993

Peace and Courage,