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NHK: Burma Arrests and ODA

Burma Arrests and Japan's ODA

Released by ISBDA on May 22, 1996.

Japanese Official media NHK TV commented in tonight's night news program
that it becomes very difficult for Japanese Government to resume lump sum
of Official Development Aid to Burma after SLORC's renewed wave of arrests
of the NLD members.  In the interview to NHK, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said
that at least 90 NLD members were arrested so far and she speculated that
she may be arrested again if the military desire to do so. 
Concerning these arrests in Burma, there is no comment reported yet from
the business circle of Japan, Keizai Kai, ehich is exerting pressure onto
Japanese government to go along with their billion dollar ODA  projects
supporting the military regime in Burma.