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Slorc crackdown on NLD

Statement on the current SLORC crackdown on elected NLD

Press release

We the ABSDF have recently received the news that 44 elected representatives from the
NLD (National League for Democracy) and two wives of other representatives  were
arrested on May 21, 1996. Since this crackdown around the country, a further 39
members of the NLD have been rounded up and detained, and all other prominent
leaders of the party have been forced to go into hiding. 

The SLORC military regime has repeatedly stated that they are actively seeking to
establish a democratic system of government in Burma. The recent arrests and
restrictions on political freedoms however stand in clear contradiction to these claims.
The SLORC military regime continues to:-

(a) ignore the result of the 1990 election.

(b) refuse to enter dialogue with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. 

(c) ignore the appeal from the NLD for the formation of a parliamentary body
comprising  elected representatives, or to hold any discussions with these representatives.

(d) restrict the freedoms of speech, movement and association of all the peoples of

The recent arbitrary arrests of NLD representatives and members is a clear indication
that  there have been no genuine improvements in the political situation, and that the
entire people of Burma continue to suffer under the oppressive SLORC military regime.

We the ABSDF strongly denounce the SLORC military regime for their unjudicial arrest
of  elected NLD representatives and members throughout the country, and demand the
unconditional release of these individuals, and all other political prisoners immediately.
We furthermore call on the international community, and all democratic forces both
inside the country and throughout the world (including the groups who have entered
cease-fire agreements with the military regime) to condemn these arrests and to struggle
with all possible means for the immediate release of these individuals.

Central Leading Committee
88 Camp
All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF)

Date: May 22, 1996