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AP Report: US is Deeply Concerned A

Subject: AP Report: US is Deeply Concerned Arrests in BURMA 

   WASHINGTON (AP) -- Arrest by Burmese authorities of dozens of
pro-democracy activists is an ominous development typical of the Asian
country's military rulers, the State Department said Tuesday.
   Spokesman Nicholas Burns said as many as 44 activists were detained.
>From Rangoon, the Burmese capital, opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi
telephoned The Associated Press in Bangkok, Thailand, and reported that 46
of her supporters were rounded up. Her National League for Democracy is to
begin a three-day meeting on Sunday.
   "We are deeply concerned," Burns said. "We've made the strongest
possible representations to the Burmese authorities in Rangoon and also
here in Washington."
   He called the arrests "yet another in a series of oppressive actions by
the military regime" to block democratic rule in Burma.
   Burns also appealed to Thailand and other of Burma's neighbors to use
their influence on Burmese authorities to promote respect for pro-democracy