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Burmese dailies accuse Suu Kyi of s

Subject: Burmese dailies accuse Suu Kyi of spreading chaos

Burmese dailies accuse Suu Kyi of spreading chaos
Leader, partymen compared to poisonous snakes
21 May 1996, The Asian Age (New Delhi)
Rangoon May 20: Burmese democracy leader and Nobel peace 
laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi, must be controlled in order to prevent an 
uprising against the government, a commentary in official Burmese 
newspapers said on Monday.
The article, entitled when <Italic> will the act of the snakes end? 
<Italic>, attacked Ms Suu Kyi and members of her National League 
for Democracy Party for trying to cause unrest.
The Commentary was published in the countrys two Burmese-
language dailies, widely regarded as the mouthpiece of the ruling 
military council.
The State Law and Order Restoration Council has been a waging a 
revolution in Burma, The commentary said, adding the Slorc has 
emerged victorious over anarchists that appeared and the 
demonstrations that occurred in 1988 and 1989.
"Similarly, the Slorc needs to carry on with perseverance, care and 
wisdom in order to win a final victory over Suu Kyi, who is embracing 
a mistaken belief," it said.
The Slorc assumed power in 1988 after the army crushed a democracy 
uprising that left thousands dead or imprisoned. Ms Suu Kyi was put 
under house arrest in 1989 for her outspoken attacks on the Slorc 
during that period.
In a apparent reference to Ms Suu Kyi and two of her top NLD 
colleagues, Kyi Maung and Tin Oo, both of whom were released by 
the Slorc last year after nearly six years imprisonment, the 
commentary called the "three poisonous snakes" to stop their "act of 
the snakes" every Saturday and Sunday.
At the weekend, Ms Suu Kyi and other senior members of the party 
like Kyi Maung and Tin Oo regularly speak to thousand of supporters 
at the gates of Ms Suu Kyis home.
"If the act of the snakes is not controlled, the snake charmer may get 
bitten by the snakes. If the snake charmers show is not perform 
properly, the snakes will escape." (Reuter)
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