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New phone numbers in Rangoon (r)

     Dear U kyaw Win,
     New number for (951) 30365 in Rangoon is (530365).
     Thurayne Lwin (thurayne.lwin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

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Subject: ASSK's 51st birthday
Author:  Conference "reg.burma" <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx> at internet 
Date:    5/19/96 3:30 AM
One month from from today (18 June 96) is ASSK's 51 birth day.  Please 
bombard National Public Radio's Morning Edition (Bob Edwards): 
Morning@xxxxxxx asking him to mention her birthday as he opens his program on 
that day.  Also bombard "ALL THINGS CONSIDERED" ATC@xxxxxxx with the request 
to do a piece on Burma on that day.  I spoke to Jonathan Broder,  ATC's 
senior editor at the University of Colorado on 8 April 96 asking him to do 
it.  He said "OK.   This needs to be followed up.  Offer yourselves to be 
interviewed on-line and give some facts on the situation on Burma.
Does anyone have a new telephone number for (951) 30365 in RGN?  A new digit 
has been added to phone numbers in Burma and I would appreciate the new 
digit.  Thanks.
U Kyaw Win