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Reply from S. Brookes (r)


In a message dated 96-05-17 03:59:26 EDT, you write:

>I challenge him to a public debate on the worldwide web. It is one that he
>cannot possibly win, because he is so deeply wrong in everything he
>professes to believe. 

I "can" agree. 
 Though not in his defense, what can this person write that is not pro-SLORC?
 Other topics and anti-SLORC writings would be blacked-out or not published.
 Writing from within Burma means he has little or no ""freedom"" to speak of
too many things on his mind.     And unfortunately, he reminds me of the
mis-informed/ mis-educated/ mis-directed people in the Ku Klux Klan and these
American militia groups, etc.   Entirely mis-understanding and not seeing the
entire picture.
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