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Reply from S. Brookes (r)

Reply-To: "W. Kesavatana-Dohrs" <dohrs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


Talk about self-righteous!  Instead of responding to reports in Economist,
or from the UN, US State Dept. and on and on, you blame the victims of
continuous SLORC oppression for not being able to overcome it.

ASSK a tough interview?  Why don't you try to interview elected NLD
members in Insein prison.  Why don't you try to ask SLORC why they jailed
comedians for 7 years for joking at a private party.  Why don't you ask
Total and Unocal and Texaco execs to help you gain unrestricted access to
the pipeline zone?  Let us know the responses.

While you were being a musician, many of us were studying, visiting,
working in and writing about Burma.  We are not the ill-informed and naive
ones in this picture.

Want to give me a spanking?  Next time I'm in Bangkok I'll look you up.
Then you can try.

Burma just like everywhere else?  Name the countries where
"Torture, summary and arbitrary executions, forced labour, abuse of women,
politically motivated arrests and detention, forced displacement,
important restrictions on the freedoms of expression and association and
oppression of ethnic and religious minorities..." are perpetuated by a
regime that was overwhelmingly rejected in national elections.

I'm looking forward to reading your reports from Burma's borders, where
you explore the lives of the tens of thousands of refugees.  You can
probably sneer at their naive hopes as well, and figure a way to blame
them for their own plight.

Finally, are you going to the pro- business conference this week at the
Strand in Rangoon?  After all, it's co-sponsored by your boss, isn't it?

Larry Dohrs

> Well, surprise -- everything here is shades of gray. There are exceptional

What color are the jailed NLD elected reps?

> a uniform. Because democracy is Mom and Apple Pie, and generals, as we all
> know, are Mean and Bad --  unless they're Colin Powell, of course.

Democracy is a policy priority for the US.  As a matter of fact Defense
Sec. William Perry just outlined a new US strategy in a talk at Harvard
that says democratic development is "essential to national security."
Many of us who use Burmanet agree.  How about you?

Enough with the personal attacks (ie "pious and infantile").