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The cartoon with Brookes' article i (r)

Subject: Re: The cartoon with Brookes' article in extremely poor taste

In a message dated 96-05-10 05:13:35 EDT, you write:

>To anyone who in interested we can send this cartoon as a simple 
>attachment to an e-mail message, which the receiver can view in a graphics
>program or as a graphic in a word-processing program such as WordPerfect or
>Word.  If you would like to view the Asia Times "cartoon," 
>please send us a message, and we will send the scanned image in TIFF format.
Please, I'd like a copy.

>Could someone kindly post the fax or e-mail address of Asia Times?  Some of
>us might like to write letters to the editor. 
For now here are 2 addresses for the asiatimes.  I am DIGging the internet
for more info. Depends how modern and how well set-up their system is.

Yishane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    Yishane Lee 
stephen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    stephen brookes