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The cartoon with Brookes' article i (r)

Subject: The cartoon with Brookes' article in extremely poor taste

Since Asia Times and M. Stephen Brooks are said to be unhappy that the
article "What the year 1358 has in store for Myanmar" got such a wide
readership, the political "cartoon" that accompanies the article deserves
mention as well. 

The artist's name is not clear -- "Quiske," "Quicke," or something like
that, but to us the content is in poor taste.  Briefly, a worried woman,
looking more like Lucia di Lammermoor than Daw ASSK, in a tunic and
apparently tied up, has been struck with four arrows, which protrude from
the area of her heart.  They are labeled:  Domestic investment, Foreign
investment, Political stability, ASEAN.  

To anyone who in interested we can send this cartoon as a simple 
attachment to an e-mail message, which the receiver can view in a graphics
program or as a graphic in a word-processing program such as WordPerfect or
Word.  If you would like to view the Asia Times "cartoon," 
please send us a message, and we will send the scanned image in TIFF format.  

Could someone kindly post the fax or e-mail address of Asia Times?  Some of
us might like to write letters to the editor.